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Strewth! Once upon time there was nothing, but look what a lot of everything there is now! Certainly must have been one hell of a Big Bang, if indeed that is where all of this - that we have now - came from.

Can you get your head round the fact that everything that we know today started with this so called Big Bang? I know I can't. And yet we have experts who tell us this is true. I've read that it all happened in 20,000 million BC, during the night I suppose. These sort of things always seem to happen when you least expect them. Oh, but there wouldn't have been any day or night because there wasn't anything then was there? And yet here we all are, all those millions of years later, wondering what's for dinner, whether we'll have sex tonight and who'll win the Premiership. We've come a very long way, it's all been worthwhile!

So, how did we get where we are today? It's all down to something called evolution more experts tell us - and with such authority. God knows how they know - whoops, sorry, shouldn't have mentioned God just there. What's it all got to do with Her? Absolutely nothing, the experts have spoken.

Hang on, who are these experts? I'll tell you. They are just insignificant, minute specks of consciousness sitting on this strange rocky globe and travelling at some 66,000 miles per hour. No they aren't anything special. They're just like the rest of us, paying a fleeting visit to earth for a very, very short amount of time. They don't 'really' know the answers but, bless them, at least they are trying. They do get a bit arrogant and think they are special at times though, don't they?

So what do you reckon about this evolution thingy then? Do you think us Homo Sapiens evolved from the Homo Erectus (musn't giggle at the name, this is serious stuff!) between 400,000 and 200,000 years ago? Blowed if I really know. To think we, well our ancestors, were quite happy thinking God had plopped us on the earth when this guy Darwin butted in and said, "No, no, no you've got it all wrong". There's always one isn't there! Like that other bloke Copernicus:

'For years the sun went around us.
Then along came Copernicus
And he changed all that.
We-ell fancy that'

That was from a song I wrote. It didn't quite make the charts! But back to evolution.

It seems, well the theory is, that all animals and plant species are related by common ancestry. Living things split and change over a period of lots of time. It's all sort of very gradual. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey. Every now and again though there are short bursts of rapid change, which is very pleasant, but I'm not sure why this happens. Perhaps 'we' just get fed up or a bit bored as we are - could be.

There's a something called Natural Selection - supposedly. When creatures started to have fun and reproduce they produced more offspring than could survive. Again this idea didn't come to them overnight, cos they had sex at any old time, but it got programmed into them as something they had to do to alter or improve.

Most of these huge amounts of offspring snuffed it pretty quick but the fittest survived. This meant that only the toughest, who were designed for survival, were fortunate enough to feel the earth move. Now, if the qualities that made these guys and gals survive was passed on to their offspring, the new generation would resemble the successful members of the previous generation. So, without the need for cloning, living things got better and stronger. More importantly they gradually adapted to any environmental changes. This eventually created a vast variety of species of all shapes and sizes.

Some similarities often remain on different living species. For example, the wing of a bird, the fore leg of a dog and the arm of a man are all postioned in roughly the same place on their respective bodies. Coincidence or what!

It has taken some 3500 million years to reach where we are now on earth. And what are we doing our best to do? Mess it all up, that's what - but that's a whole different matter.

Hang on again though - but not that tight. Why do a lot of animals have a tendency, as do us humans, to have higher intelligence than strictly necessary to comply with Darwinian principles? Gasp! Could there be holes in this evolution malarkey. I mean, if we do not evolve until a challenge appears, most likely environmental, why have we got a little too much cleverness in our brains? The theory of evolution isn't perfect, so we should take it with a pinch of stardust. Perhaps it's only part of the answer - to whatever the question is.

As individuals we are, or should be, evolving on a personal level. Not necessarily as a race but as individuals. We see many changes in our lives: our attitudes, beliefs and our bodies for instance. I think we are all developing and learning from our stint on earth, it could well be what we are here for.

Now I hear a bit of barracking in the background and shouts of, "What about God?", and, "Are we the children of aliens from other planets", plus other such helpful comments.

Well I've no idea. Not definitely that is. Like everyone else, even those experts, I can only theorise. This here world is much too complex for any definite answers. If there is a God only She will know for sure.

Aliens being our ancestors? I'd rule them out simply because I've never seen them. But there again if we consider the millions and billions of stars, planets, moons and so on why shouldn't there be other life forms? We are being arrogant, like the experts, in ruling out the possibility. And, tell me, why do 'we' think that life must have similar conditions to here on earth? Very short sighted I feel. It could be life - but not as we know it - Jim.

Now God. I haven't seen Him (have to be PC as I called Her 'Her' last time). But I feel pretty sure there is a 'Superior Consciousness' in which case, of course, it does change things a little bit. It doesn't stop evolution as being a possibility. It doesn't rule out the Big Bang. She could have made it happen - you know, just one of those days.

I don't think, just my little old opinion of course, that God created a fully formed man i.e. Adam and placed him on the earth. I do think, however, that man (woman) does have a special relationship with this Superior Consciousness (SC). I would go as far as to say that we are individualised parts of this SC. This isn't really moving away from the subject of evolution because that's what, as I indicated before, I think we are doing. We are evolving, improving and learning - what for, I'm not exactly sure.

I see everything in the Universe as being an unfoldment of Deity. It's the only way it makes any sense to me.

For now I'll go along with some aspects of evolution. I just think we humans are 'special'. I suppose you could say I'm just like those experts, a bit arrogant in thinking this. Like them I'm speeding along on this very small rock, not really knowing why.

Hold my hand will you? Sometimes I get a bit scared.